Sketts have been organizing markets for over 60 years, developing experience and expertise that is unrivalled.  The stall hire division of the company has seen huge growth over recent years, particularly in light of the government initiative by retail expert Mary Portas who has emphasized the importance of markets to our town centres and high streets.  Stall hire to organisers of the annual NAMBA “National Market Day” has also grown, contributing to the survival of our High Streets.  These events aim to make everyone more aware of local markets, involving local communities, visitors, tourists, old hands and budding entrepreneurs alike.

·         Our high quality equipment offers reassurance and an appearance any event organiser will be delighted with.

·         Our staff work quickly and efficiently in planning, setting up and dismantling with professionalism, ensuring a smooth and unobtrusive presence, minimising any inconvenience and ensuring traffic and people flow are not obstructed.

·         We are expert in our field, completely flexible and can cater for any special requirements you may have.

·         Speed - this truly is our forte

Our experienced personnel can completely erect a 50 stall market in less than 90 minutes and provide a complete market, ready for the stallholder.   This can be arranged within 48 hours’ notice according to availability, when an urgent event arises. Sketts offer a well-rehearsed procedure - no messing, no fuss.